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A well-built landscape is certainly pretty to look at, but it can indeed come to life when you enhance what is there and convert it into functional spaces. You can entertain, move, highlight, and much more, all with hardscaping features. And there are a lot of them.

From a hardscaping patio to hardscape pavers, driveway, walkways, fountains, fireplaces, walls, edging, fences, and much more. You can sculpt your exterior spaces while making them more practical, all with hardscaping. 

With so many possibilities, you require a total solution that allows you to achieve anything in mind. America Deck & Patios is that complete solution in several ways. Here’s how our hardscaping contractors can help you:

hardscape america deck and patios
concrete pavers


There are many hardscaping materials. For instance, you can use hardscape concrete or hardscape stone. They all require different installation techniques and methods. We already have a grasp of them, to the point of having perfected our technique in more than two decades. 


Hardscaping can combine different techniques, for instance, laying pavers. As experts in exterior renovations, we fuse all of our vast knowledge into our hardscaping services, going beyond hardscaping installation. Whatever your vision, you won’t have to recur to anyone other than America Deck & Patios.


Even though hardscaping may be seen as a minor improvement project, it requires proper planning, designing, and managing. At America Deck & Patios, we can do all three of them. In fact, we offer design-build services, implemented from hardscape design to hardscape construction.

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American Deck & Patios offers you everything to obtain the exact results you want and at the most convenient budget. In every stage of the process, we pay utmost attention to detail, our signature, which starts from the moment of consultation.

If you require affordable hardscaping in Maryland & Virginia, we are the ones to recur to. Contact us today!

For over 23 years we have built a foundation of knowledge and experience that allows us to best serve each of our clients, providing them quality work on time and on budget. We are proud of every single project we have undertaken over the decades, from deck, patio, fencing, sunroom, screen porch, gazebos just to name a few. Our designers further their education in order to understand the latest trends and techniques in design and build.


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