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There might always come a time when your needs change, and you have to adapt your living spaces to them. For instance, what once started as a beautifully paved patio can be upgraded into a versatile living space through patio enclosures.

Say you acquired a new property, but you’d like to make it more to your needs or simply wish to add a new feature. Patio enclosures are the perfect element if you love the outdoors as much as you love comfort. Simultaneously, the value of your property will increase too.

A Lot Of Ground To Explore

An enclosed patio may look identical to sunrooms, screen rooms, and such, depending on the selected type. The difference merely lies in the fact that patio enclosures are built over an existing paved patio, whether covered or not.

Thus, structure and style-wise, you will have plenty of options. Pretty much every exterior improvement solution we offer at America Deck & Patios! So if you’d like to build a sunroom to preserve some of that exterior feel, you can. Or, if you lean more towards privacy and shade, screen enclosures will help you build a cozy space.

The wide selection allows you to choose materials and configurations that enhance the amazing benefits of patio enclosures: privacy, shade, protection from the elements, increased living area, and more. Don’t hesitate to look for all of them here. From glass patio enclosures to vinyl patio enclosures and even retractable enclosures, we are your total solution!

patio enclosures

Enough Room To Adjust To Your Needs

If you seek versatility, patio enclosures and America Deck & Patios are your best alternative. Just as to taste, patio enclosures adjust to various price points. Here, we happen to offer already affordable prices, which is why you can secure a reasonable patio enclosures cost.

The only thing that won’t ever change is our excellent quality, maintained through decades of experience. Choose America Deck & Patios and get the best patio enclosures in Maryland, Virginia & DC. The process starts with a free consultation. Contact us today!

For over 23 years we have built a foundation of knowledge and experience that allows us to best serve each of our clients, providing them quality work on time and on budget. We are proud of every single project we have undertaken over the decades, from deck, patio, fencing, sunroom, screen porch, gazebos just to name a few. Our designers further their education in order to understand the latest trends and techniques in design and build.


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