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Stone Pavers

There are many ways to boost your exterior spaces, many of which can be achieved with pavers stones. These are made from natural stone, so there is no better way to enhance your natural areas with them. 

From the many types of paver stones available (flagstone, cobblestone, veneer stone, and cut stone) range a wide variety of applications for your home’s exterior:

  • Flagstone paver stones are sturdy and ideal for flat surfaces like a driveway paver or walkway paver. Their unique shapes provide a rustic pattern.
  • Cobblestones have a signature round edge. These paver stones are also great to use as patio stones, driveways, pathways, and so on. It is also ideal when you want a permeable driveway.
  • Veneer Stone is more of a decorative paver for facings and can be used for exterior walls in garden paving.
  • Cut stone is excellent to use as hardscape pavers, too. It complements your exterior living areas exquisitely.
Stone Pavers
Stone Pavers

Foolproof Procedure = A Clear-Cut Product

Implementing stone pavers into your garden’s or home’s exterior design is simple with us. We are masters of creatinguniqueg outdoor spaces, so anything you require, we’ll make it happen through our complete solutions.

Installing pavers, particularly paver stones, is a thorough process. There is a lot of work involved in it, from ground prepping to edging, to ensure the durable structures of paver stones. We cover every detail with our outdoor pavers installation services. But not only that.

We assist our clients with the design process as well. In it, we won’t only create a layout of your liking, but we also ensure that the project will fit your budget and be durable. You’ll truly get the most out of paver stones installation with us! 

If you want to implement natural stone pavers in your home, consult your experts at America Deck & Patio. Schedule a free home estimate today!

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For over 23 years we have built a foundation of knowledge and experience that allows us to best serve each of our clients, providing them quality work on time and on budget. We are proud of every single project we have undertaken over the decades, from deck, patio, fencing, sunroom, screen porch, gazebos just to name a few. Our designers further their education in order to understand the latest trends and techniques in design and build.


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